Big Hammer™ Swimbaits

Created in 1993, Big Hammer swimbaits, or "Hammers" as they are affectionately known, are easily recognized by the original Big Hammer Square Tail™ design. This unique Square Tail combined with hydrodynamic body designs create an unparalleled vibrant swimming action - even at very slow retrieve speeds. Using the finest quality plastic available creates a bait that is not only looks great but also has the perfect balance between durability and action. Freshwater or saltwater - tie one on and see for yourself how "Nothing kicks like the tail of a Big Hammer".

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Photo Gallery
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Smallmouth Bass

Calico Bass

Largemouth Bass

Spotted Bay Bass

Barred Surf Perch



White Seabass





Gulf Grouper





Pacific Halibut

Largemouth Bass

Speckled Trout

Spotted Bass

Striped Bass


Northern Pike

Tiger Musky

Barred Sand Bass




White Bass


Largemouth Bass

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