Rigging and Fishing Techniques

Swimbait, like crankbait, spinnerbait, jerkbait, buzzbait, ripbait, etc., is a term used to describe a certain type of lure. Swimbaits are basically plastic or rubber "fish shaped" bodies rigged on a jig head. Some swimbaits are the type where the body is separate from the jig head and must be rigged by the angler. This allows versatility in jig head size along with the ability to re-use the jig head with other baits and colors. Some types of swimbaits come either pre-rigged or with the jig head "built-in" to the body of the bait.

Swimbaits are extremely versatile, can be used in a wide variety of fishing conditions, and will catch any fish that feeds on other fish, shrimp, crabs, crawfish, etc.

Swimbaits - Rigging
How to rig a Big Hammer swimbait.

Swimbaits - The Basics
Basic swimbait fishing information, tips and techniques.

To Glue or Not To Glue
Many seasoned swimbait anglers glue the swimbait to the jig head, should you?

Why do Big Hammer Swimbaits Have Better Action?
Theories behind the Big Hammer design and what makes them "swim" so well.

Buzz Hammer Jig Heads - A New Twist to Buzzbait Fishing
An introduction to the deadliest buzzbait head on the market.

Rigging and Fishing the Salt Shaker Worm
Several rigging and fishing techniques that demonstrate the versatility of the Salt Shaker Worm.

Trap Rigging
Trap rigging instructions: Larry Heron/Steve Greanias (.pdf file), Steve Greanias, Brian Kettler


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