7" Hammer


Designed by Big Hammer Pro-Staff members Mike Nguyen & Gene Yun the 7" Big Hammer swimbait was designed to produce more hookups when fished weedless with a weighted wide gap hook. Field tested for over 2 years, Mike and Gene's design eliminates the need for a belly slit creating a more versatile "weedless" swimbait that can also be rigged "traditionally" on a jig head.

Hooks: The recommended hooks for rigging the 7" Hammer weedless are the 3/8 oz. 7/0 Trokar Magnum Weighted Swimbait Hook or the 3/8 oz. 8/0 Owner Weighted Beast Hook.

7 inch Black Magic rigged on a 6 oz. Bad Donkey jig head

7 inch Grunion rigged on a 1 oz. Slayer jig head

7 inch Red Calico Hunter rigged on a 1 oz. Hammerhead jig head

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Photo Gallery
A small collection of pictures of fish caught using the 7 inch Big Hammer swimbait

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Calico Bass

Largemouth Bass

Calico Bass

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